Kamo Be

Published on 04/01,2008




... posy ah kalongany  


  1. 04/12,2008 | 02:50

    man ya nante9 qui a pratiquement publié le même titre, does it mean I won?? YESSS (faly be zatra tsy dikany be!)

  2. 04/12,2008 | 17:54

    yeah right, like I need to justify that I won already :-P
    bon d'accord t'as gagne. kamo be hi-post fa ra vao taitaitra eo ny lohako dia lasa ndray zao eeee.
    Also, It's too embarassing to compete against a gurl :b:b

  3. 04/14,2008 | 02:55

    the most embarassing is when the girl keeps spamming your blog even when you're laying dead on the ground. We should get paid for what we're doing. this is philanthropy !

  4. 04/14,2008 | 12:35

    let me think...
    ... a guy is already on the ground and some people still step on him, dance on his wounded (awesome) body...
    Tsindrio fa lavo
    This is sadism :roll:

  5. 05/27,2008 | 12:39
    lu à tous,en faite,pui-je vous demander kelke choz?bein , esk c normal v oe y a un mec par ex , ce mec veu fair un(;;;)with me e kon j 10 oui,il m'aime pluske tou,e kon j refuz, il m detest plus ke tou j c plu kwa faire reto a!please, help me

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